Who We Are

Experienced. Curious. Meticulous. Resourceful. Team Oriented.

Martha’s Vineyard is a special place to be in the building trades. We count ourselves lucky to be able to build homes of cutting-edge sophistication and beauty. There is a culture of excellence among the craftsman and tradesmen of the island and a rare depth of talent for so small a community. Holmes Hole Builders attracts the very best carpenters and managers, and we retain them for years by fostering a culture of mutual respect and continuing personal growth.

“What I learned from the better captains and mates I sailed under is that true leadership is not autocratic,” says Gary Maynard, Principal of Holmes Hole Builders, “but involves surrounding yourself with the best people and nurturing their individual skill sets so that the entire crew feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in being part of something larger than themselves.”