The Crew

Mitch Pennington, Operations Manager
Mitch ably fills the role of Controller and Operations Manager. Mitch ran his own residential contracting firm for 10 years on Martha’s Vineyard before coming to HHB. He has guided the HHB office through 7 years of turmoil in the larger US economy and the variable market for luxury homes. He brings impressive managerial skills as well as small business expertise to the table. Mitch has raised a large family here, with one out of grad school and the youngest just starting elementary school.

Ross Seavey, Project Coordinator
Ross grew up around construction, managed his father’s building firm, put himself through law school, then worked in public sector facilities management as a Capital Improvements Coordinator before coming to HHB. He is kept busy managing purchasing, assisting with estimating, subcontracts and scheduling. Ross is new to the Vineyard, but is adapting well to island living. He is active in the Rotary Club and plays softball. His dog Souter loves to spend the day on the couch in Gary’s office.

Zach Clark, Superintendent
Zach is the senior Superintendent at HHB, and as such is entrusted with our most demanding and important projects. He has overseen the construction of numerous extraordinary homes over the past decade, and has consulted on even more. Zach has lived and breathed construction from an early age, working primarily on residential projects in New Hampshire before joining our staff. He has been a resident of the island for ten years and is a single father of a lovely daughter. In his off time, Zach can often be found fishing on the south shore or bowling at the new lanes.

Aaron Boyd, Superintendent
Aaron is one of our key men, managing complex and challenging projects with a cool and knowledgeable hand. His experience as a carpenter and a manager across a wide variety of architectural styles, as well as his low-key personality make him a favorite with clients and architects. He is a lifelong islander and a graduate of the Building Trades Program at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School. Aaron has teenagers at home, but still manages to find time for weightlifting at the Y.

Max Guimaraes, Lead Carpenter
Max is one of the most versatile and capable men on the crew, widely respected and well-liked. We appreciate his ability to innovate, his calm attention to detail and his growing abilities as a leader. He can take on any task, no matter how complex, and keep a team of guys working steadily and efficiently through to completion. Max doesn’t stop working when he punches out either; he has his own house to work on and his family to raise.

Jean DaSilva, Lead Carpenter
Jean has been with the company for longer than anyone, and has progressed from an unskilled laborer to a fine frame and finish carpenter with a consistent attention to process and detail. He has tremendous energy and is always willing to put his back or his hands to the task at hand. He can run with a small crew and takes his quality control very seriously. Jean has recently discovered the joys of home ownership after years doing the seasonal Vineyard shuffle.

Hans Adcock, Master Carpenter
Hans has been with the company for a decade now. He brought years of experience as a finish carpenter and a cabinetry installer when he came to us and is our favorite go-to guy for the punchlist for our more demanding clients. His soft-spoken ways and thoughtful approach is appreciated by all who work with him. Hans has adopted the island as his home and is building his own house not far from the HHB shop.

George Moseman, Master Carpenter
George is simply one of the best carpenters we have ever had on the crew. He’s a quiet, modest man, but gets a lot of intricate work done with very little fuss. The rest of the crew look to him for guidance and they appreciate his calm, humble nature. George enjoys an annual trip to Europe, but knows that the Vineyard is his home.

Mark Turner, Master Carpenter
Mark brings impressive carpentry skills and high energy to whatever job he’s on. He loves his work and it shows in his natural smile and enthusiasm when he has his tool belt on. He gets genuine pleasure from doing a job well and efficiently, and is a great example for the younger members of the crew.

JR Thomas, Journeyman Carpenter
JR is a new face and a welcome one. A lifelong islander, he jumped at the opportunity to bring his talents and work ethic to a company where he can learn and grow as a craftsman. We appreciate his enthusiasm and outgoing personality and find him to be an asset on any crew.

Paul Farrington, Master Jointer and Shop Foreman
Paul serves as the head of our Cabinet Shop and has a hand in all of our fine casework, including all of our kitchens, built-ins, and bathroom vanities. The shop also builds a wide variety of specialty items like custom doors, ship’s ladders, bunk-beds and furniture. Paul worked with Gary at Five Corners Shipyard, participating in several well-regarded historic vessel restorations, including the schooner Alabama, where he was a key shipwright. Paul is also the island’s only bio-feedback practitioner, is an active sailor and cyclist, and raises a daughter in West Tisbury.

Petr Valach, Draftsman and Jointer
Petr completed extensive training in woodworking in his native Czech, and has worked as part of our cabinetry team for quite a few years now. Principally, he does all our CAD shop drawings for the various casework and built-ins, integrating the woodwork with the architects’ vision for tile, stone, appliances and fixtures. Petr is also an avid amateur automobile mechanic and builds his own Jeeps in his spare time. Petr has recently settled into a small home in West Tisbury and is soon to be married.