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How We Work

"Gary was nothing less than a pleasure to work with. He was completely responsive, cooperative, and timely. In fact, he produced for us a very high quality construction in record time. He is both willing and able to put enough skilled workers on the job to get it done efficiently, and he is onsite most of the time. Gary's crew and all the subcontractors were professional, yet great to be around; we were genuinely sad when they were finished. Nonetheless, to this day two years later, Gary has made sure that everyone involved in our construction job continues to be responsive to any problems that inevitably arise. I consider Gary Maynard both a master contractor and a dear friend."
Joanne Hubschman
Holmes Hole Builders provides the strength and expertise of a large firm with the personalized attention and customer service of a smaller construction company.

Each residential project has a full-time, licensed Site Supervisor dedicated to the job from beginning to end. He will be on-site every day for the duration and will be fluent in all technical aspects of the construction of the house and will have input into the scheduling and the manning of the job.

"I like to think of them as my Mates," says Gary Maynard, Principal of the company. "They handle the ship on their watch and I trust them implicitly. Personally, I never have to worry if the plumber showed up or if the weather is too cold for the roofing crew. My Mates take care of that. Best of all, their intense involvement in the day to day operations allows me to concentrate on keeping the company on an even keel and navigating the complexities of the relationship between the client, the architect and the builder."

We use three different types of contract structures for our residential projects. Each type has its own advantages, depending on the client’s needs and the state of the design at commencement of construction.

Fixed Price with Allowances
With this type of contract, the Owner has the assurance of a concrete project cost, give or take the few line items that may not have been completely specified when the contract is signed. Allowances are good faith estimates for things like ceramic tile or flooring choices that have not yet been made. Typically, allowances are priced and approved prior to starting that particular phase of the job.

Cost Plus
If the plans are still evolving when the architect has requested a quote and the client wishes to begin, then this type of contract is a good option. An exhaustive estimate for the project is prepared, including allowances for all line items, even ones that are not yet specified. The estimate becomes a guidepost for the job, and is updated monthly throughout the project. All direct job costs for labor, materials and subcontractors are passed on to the owner, plus a “Profit & Overhead” multiplier. The P&O percentage covers many indirect expenses as well as the company’s profit on the job.  This is all spelled out in detail in the contract documents.

Construction Management Fee
With this method, all direct job costs are billed to the Owner and the contractor takes a specified fixed fee for the management of the project. This method limits the amount paid to the contractor, but still allows for flexibility in materials and finishes.

Change Orders
All three contract types are subject to Change Orders, which are basically addenda to the contract specifying the costs and timelines for changes in the work desired by the owners or architects. They are agreed to by all parties during the course of the job. Some projects have only a handful, while others have may have well over 100.

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