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Stunning example of the work completed by the Holmes Hole crew of new home builders
on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

The Crew

"Since completion. Gary and his team continue to be available for punch list items and to work through finishing touches. We’ve landed with the home we wanted (and I have to say again – on time and on budget!) that I believe we will enjoy for many years. "
Todd Abbrecht
Here are some thumbnail sketches of some of the folks you’re hiring when you choose Holmes Hole Builders for your project:

Zach Clark, Construction Manager
Zach is a veritable prodigy in this business. He grew up on his father’s jobsites in Vermont, and has an uncanny ability to translate two-dimensional plan sheets into 3-D in his head, and then to calmly communicate these translations to the men he is working with. Details never seem to escape Zach, and he juggles the demands of dozens of carpenters and subcontractors with aplomb. Zach has built his own house in Vineyard Haven and is a single parent of a lovely daughter.

Hudson Maynard, Site Supervisor
Hudson returned to the Vineyard after two decades building custom homes in Puget Sound, Kauai and Steamboat Springs. He brings a wealth of practical experience, high energy and a good sense of humor. He's a no-nonsense, get-it-done kind of guy who knows what a budget and a schedule are. His twins are seniors here at the high school.

Aaron Boyd, Site Supervisor
Aaron is a natural carpenter and is doing what he has always wanted to do, which is building the finest homes in the world. He is a capable leader with thorough attention to detail, a passion for craftsmanship and a light touch with his men. He’s a proud and active parent of two, but what he really loves to do is bench press huge amounts of weight in the gym. His huge physique belies his gentle nature.

Paul Farrington, Shop Foreman
Paul worked with Gary at Five Corners Shipyard for many years, participating in several well-regarded historic vessel restorations, particularly the schooner Alabama project, where he was a key shipwright. Paul has since worked with some of the best island cabinetmakers and ran his own cabinetry shop, Sylvan Woodworks. Paul is also the island’s only bio-feedback practitioner, is an active cyclist and sailor, and raises a daughter in West Tisbury.

Mitch Pennington, Operations Manager
Mitch ran his own construction firm, True North Construction, on the Vineyard for eight years before joining the team at HHB, so he brings real operational experience as well as IT skills to the table, and has been a remarkable asset in the office. Mitch’s main hobby seems to be having kids, with one in college and others in pre-school, elementary and high school.

Hans Adcock, Lead Carpenter
Hans is one of those soft spoken young men who really deliver the goods without throwing his weight around.  He is a respected leader and well-liked by the whole crew.  Hans was awarded the coveted HHB Wool Vest last year for exceptional performance and dedication. He is gearing up to build his own house in Vineyard Haven.

Max Guimaraes, Journeyman Carpenter
Max is one of the most versatile and capable men on the crew, widely respected and well liked. He takes on any task assigned to him with a will and with careful attention to detail. He is a dedicated family man as well.

George Moseman, Master Carpenter
George is simply one of the best carpenters we’ve ever had on the crew. He’s a quiet guy, and seems to get a lot of work done with very little fuss. We always miss him when he takes his annual trip to Europe.

Mark Turner, Master Carpenter
Mark brings impressive carpentry skills and high energy to the company. He takes a lot of pleasure in both doing an accurate job and doing it fast. Mark is a patient teacher and usually leads a small crew. He is known to have a good time at company parties.

Wesley de Souza, Journeyman Carpenter
A hard-working, no nonsense guy, Wes started out nine years ago as a laborer, sweeping up the jobsite, and has progressed rapidly and is now a capable frame and finish carpenter. Wesley works long hours and ploughs through mountains of work. He is dedicated to his church and loves casting for bluefish in the summer.

Petr Valach, Draftsman and Cabinetmaker
Petr was trained in shop carpentry in his native Czech Republic, and recently completed a course in computer drafting, and now does all our shop drawings for the cabinet shop. He is also an avid amateur automobile mechanic and has a knack for building his own Jeeps.

John Rebeiro, Journeyman Carpenter
John is an exceptional man, eminently practical, skilled and hardworking. He has no problem attacking any task put in front of him, from sweeping to framing to trim to cabinetry. John has emigrated from his native Brazil and is raising his young twins here on the Vineyard, although he does miss the warmth of the tropics on some winter days.

Jean Da Silva, Journeyman Carpenter
Here’s another hard working laborer who has turned into a fine carpenter. Recently we discovered that Jean is a natural heavy equipment operator, and is in demand for driving our backhoe and skid-steer loader. Jean is busy with his growing family, but still manages to work six days a week.

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