Wooden sailing ships have to withstand the enormous stresses imposed by the vagaries of wind and weather, yet they do so with grace, beauty and longevity.
These are the characteristics we build into our homes.

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Throughout the construction, they have consistently demonstrated integrity, a passion for craftsmanship and an unflagging attention to detail. They are also nice people and a pleasure to work with.

Jim Ferraro, Client

Gary’s crew and all the subcontractors were professional, yet great to be around; we were genuinely sad when they were finished.

Joanne Hubschman, Client

Our experience with Gary Maynard and Holmes Hole Builders was outstanding. They were responsive, timely and the quality of work was absolutely first rate. We have never met or seen a builder more committed to meeting and exceeding his commitments.

Henry Hubschman, Client

The quality of the construction and craftsmanship was top notch. They really cared about the construction of the house and showed a level of professionalism that went above what you would normally expect.

Mitch Rubin, Client

Holmes Hole Builders is terrific. They maintain a clean and organized building site, delivered our small but complicated home on time and on budget. They stand behind their work after the fact as well.

Patrick Lyons, Client

I wish every architect and client could have the rewarding experience we had.

Claudia Noury-Ello, Architect

For a new, highly customized home, Holmes Hole Builders brought together a team of experienced and dedicated craftsmen from all trades. Working closely together, the team mastered challenges, helped devise solutions and achieved, in the end, results that often exceeded the expectations.

Andrew Franz, Architect

We love our home and feel a strong bond with Holmes Hole Builders, with whom we have entrusted the care taking of our property. They always brought a creative and professional attitude and we always found a way.

Doug Ellis, Client

We engaged HH to undertake a very challenging project in Martha’s Vineyard. HH delivered in an amazing way. Not only did they help advise on design where appropriate, but they were able to meet the unforgiving standards.

Doug Ellis, Client

Who else can say their project was fun, on time, on budget and they ended their build process with a better relationship than when they started?

David Murphy, Client

Working with Holmes Hole Builders has been a true pleasure.

Maryann Thompson, Architect

My relationship with Holmes Hole Builders has been the most enjoyable professional relationship I have had.

Caleb Nicholson, Landscaper

He stands behind his work after the fact as well.

Patrick Lyons, Client

Gary and the two supervisors who ran the job were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and really invested their heart and soul in the project.

Lady Lynn de Rothschild, Client

Gary Maynard has done a masterful job of compiling the most talented group of subcontractors that the Vineyard has to offer.

Robert Smith, Plumber

There is a feeling of seamlessness, a clear vision of the needs of each client and the collaboration needed for design, engineering, tradecraft and the community.

Dave Smith, Electrician

Our site supervisor oversaw the project with a steady, practical hand. He was always accessible, responsive and maintained a very high standard for his crew.

Todd Abbrecht, Client

Gary Maynard engenders trust from both my clients and my architectural staff.

Peter Breese, Architect

Not only was their work done with the highest standards and regard for our aesthetic and needs, but their ability to attend to the details of construction at every level was impressive. They are easy to communicate with, and have a tremendous amount of experience and support within the community.

Andrew Franz, Architect

Throughout the course of the renovation, HHB were consummate professionals. Gary was great with the initial assessment of the scale and cost of our project.

Aedie McEvoy, Client

We did not use an architect so Gary and his team were involved with every detail of the project, from unexpected of lifting the entire house to building a new solid foundation to picking out the perfect hardware.

Aedie McEvoy, Client

Every HHB team was incredibly talented. There was never a hesitation to cater to our needs and our numerous change orders, the house was never compromised.

Aedie McEvoy, Client

Our home turned out beautifully and the craftsmanship is throughout, the woodwork is like the interiors of a fine sailboat.

Aedie McEvoy, Client